Photovoltaic power generating business

The reason why we invested in photovoltaic power plants

The number of clients has risen since our establishment in 2012, and we are expected to continue to expand.

Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that remuneration will be paid to financial planners throughout their lives.
Upon the occurrence of an unexpected event, we may suffer from a drop in revenue.
Our company was looking for a way to secure a source of revenue.

Photovoltaic power plants with the interest of the public

In order to help prevent worldwide environmental changes such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, tropical rain forest deforestation, and abnormal climatic conditions, it is necessary, first of all, to promote renewable energy.

The persistent use of fossil fuels is generating unforeseen climate change which is a real threat to human existence.
We believe that businesses to promote renewable energy can meet the global needs.

Fixed revenue from photovoltaic power plants

Although we do not own land in the prime locations in the downtown areas, we own enough land for photovoltaic power plants in Ibaraki Prefecture.
It is possible for us to generate revenue from selling electricity produced by photovoltaic power plants even in the outskirts of town.
In July, 2012, the “Renewable Energy Law” was enacted and Japan founded The Feed-in Tariff Program (price-based regulations, which require electrical power business owners to purchase electricity produced by photovoltaic power plants at a certain price.)

The risks of photovoltaic power plants

Photovoltaic power generation is not a perfect investment.
One of the risk factors that poses a threat to photovoltaic power plants is natural disasters.

As it is impossible to completely avoid the risks, we must take action to prevent them. We made sure we would be covered by insurances for various circumstances.
The spread of renewable energy is a national policy.
It requires a large capital to introduce photovoltaic power plants.
The government is giving an incentive for the wider spread of renewable energy facilities assuring a system for purchasing electricity at a certain price for 20 years.

The prospects for photovoltaic power plants

Photovoltaic power plants will spread throughout the world more and more in the future.
The number of areas with a growing demand for rental housings will probably continue to be limited.
There is a high possibility that an owner running a real estate rental business, or an owner of land will shift their current business towards a business will produce added value (profit), such as photovoltaic power generating business.
The current fixed price on the electric power purchase system is still high. Therefore, you will be able to seize opportunities for further business growth.
We respond to the changes in social and economic environments, and need to survive at all costs.

To confront these changes, we are being pressured for more progress than we have had so far.
Progress on introducing and enhancing photovoltaic power plants has been slow because of the government’s policies on domestic issues such as the revision of The Feed-in Tariff Program and the restart of nuclear power stations. The lack of cooperation between the electrical power companies is another factor.

Future prospects are favorable. Although risks remain, such as the fixed price on the electric power purchase system. The price has peaked now, thereby it is forecasted to fall or start to decrease in the near future. For companies engaged in higher risk businesses may go through economic and environmental crises as well as energy conservation problems, more drastic measures will have to be taken.

Climate change is a global problem and businesses operate in a global environment.
Our company has a global view in order to maintain the earth’s survival for future generations.