Incubation Business

Incubation share office managed and operated by Brain Trust from The Sun, Inc. (BTS share office) is located in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

BTS share office is in central Tokyo, in particular, “Special Zone for Asian Headquarters” and “National Strategic Special Zone”. We are perfectly situated for business, which means that foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market are able to take advantage of the various benefits.

In addition, in BTS share office, we have incubation managers who have years of experience and are full of ideas in order to support entrepreneurs from Japan and overseas. Whenever those entrepreneurs are planning new businesses, we’re here to make sure that their passion for the businesses really begins to take shape.

Entrepreneur’s self-development is an important element in Japanese growth strategy.

Four years have passed since the establishment of our business and we have been able to build good relations with our clients, business partners and financial institutions.

However, at the time the business was established, there was little that we could.

These days there are fewer opportunities for new entrepreneurs to consult with other managers who have started their own business.

The purpose of the incubation business is to support new entrepreneurs who are struggling as we started our business.

The new entrepreneurs can learn from our past experience while we receive their motivation and passion. Through this process we can forge good relationships between partners and contribute to each other’s business.